5 Electronics Gadgets Every Growing Man Needs Under Rs 10,000.

10 electronic gadgets under rs 10000
10 electronic gadgets under rs 10000

A good electronic gadget is the most important need of every grown man. A true man just needs 2 things for a happy life, 1. A loyal woman and 2. A lot of electronic gadgets. Whether you are a laggard or a early adopter gadgets are something that can fill the empty spaces in your life.

So here is a list of Top 5 gadgets under Rs. 10,000 from amazon.com that are must have.


Wooow, This is the first word that will come out of your mouth after you start using your fire stick. This is an amazing device a man should have to sort his needs of binge watching. Imagine a 54 inch flat tv with netflix on and a beer can on a sunday afternoon. Man, getting goosebumps here.

Fire stick is one gadget when paired with amazon’s eco dot can ease you life to unthinkable dimensions.

” ALEXA ” please play Mirzapur, Voila your 54inch TV is now playing Mirzapur just by your voice command.

2. AMAZON ECHO DOT ( 3rd Gen)

For all things happening in your life, trust us ” Alexa will stay with you for life and will be loyal to you no matter what.

Combination of Amazon Echo Dot with Amazon fire stick is the match made in heaven.

This combination is a must have gift for your dad’s birthday, boss’s birthday or your own birthday, self love is something we all should look for.

Word of the legends: A must have electronic gadget for your special binge watching needs.

3. Noise Color Fit Pro 2

Now after a beautiful weekend with Netflix shows you need a healthy weekdays and we all know if something is not tracked then you cannot improve it. So this calls for a electronic gadget that measures and shows it all.

Noise has come up with its pro 2 version of its smartwatch. As the headline says, This is the gadget of 2020 fulfilling a man’s need.


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